US Street Defense was formed in 2013 to combine the expertise of seasoned and talented law enforcement professionals dedicated to community safety.  We are passionate about transferring our vast experience and knowledge back to community schools, campuses, workplaces and other organizations to enable them to better prepare for unexpected violence. 

The philosophy at US Street Defense is to seek avoidance first.  However, if avoidance is not effective and you find yourself in a violent situation it is not enough to survive, you must win.  Our fighting style is deeply rooted in WWII Close Quarters Combat techniques.  It is proven effective on the streets and in combat.  As law enforcement professionals we have employed these techniques on the job in a variety of situations and they have consistently proven effective, in some cases saving our lives or the lives of others.  

Testimonial from Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy:

"The instructors at US Street Defense worked closely with our training staff to develop a “supplemental” defensive tactics program to support our law enforcement professionals.  The training was relevant, timely, SIMPLE and provided skills that could be immediately deployed.  The instructors were top notch, engaged and provided instant credibility to the training as they are active law enforcement professionals!   Collectively, their law enforcement experiences (shared stories/demonstrations) provided a direct correlation to the benefits of training when faced with a given situation.  My observation was that the training was right on point.  As the commander of Professional Development; I look forward to bringing them back to our Academy in support of our training mission.  Good work by all!!"


Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy

Testimonials from clients who participated in our College Prep Self Defense Class:

"Bethany learned a lot and has a much better appreciation of the world around her and how better to deal with bad situations.  Thanks US Street Defense!" - Glen

"My wife and Daughter attended the class and it was very eye opening and and informational. The instructors were very knowledgeable and professional. They learned how to properly strike and were put into situational scenarios which gave them a better awareness of what to do when confronted by an aggressive person. I would recommend this class to not only those preparing for college but also High school aged girls as well. Great program"!!! -William

"My daughter took this class and loved it! She learned lots of great stuff and had a blast while doing it. Knowing what she learned and practiced in this class helps with my peace of mind as I send her off to college and beyond. Thank you"! - Judy

"I took a self defense class this weekend with US Street Defense. Absolutely the best class I have ever taken!  Mike, the instructor, is incredible and will push you to your limits!  He has built my confidence and taught me the skills that will save my life if I ever get in a bad situation. I am forever grateful for this experience, and can't wait to take another class!" - Emily

This is a great class!! It is very hands on and pushes you to get out of that comfort zone that a lot of us women get into of "not wanting to be rude."  Mike teaches you to be aware of those instincts and not to ignore them.  The class builds up confidence while showing tactics and skills that can save your life.  I HIGHLY recommend taking this class.  I will definitely be taking it again to sharpen my newly learned skills!" - Angela