US Street Defense, LLC provides combatives training to law enforcement, schools and universities, businesses and other organizations.  Our dynamic instructors understand what it means and takes for you and your family to be safe and secure at work, school, play and in your home. All of our instructors have years of training, developing, teaching and actual first hand experience in simple yet effective self defense techniques that work. 

It is our firm belief that as law enforcement officers we have a duty to bring safe yet highly effective training to our clients in an effort to enable them to defend themselves.  As always, we want our clients to learn and think avoidance. But, when that does not work, you owe it to yourself and your family to win.

Law Enforcement

  • We offer defensive tactics training to all law enforcement personnel in several specialized areas, including empty hand defense, expandable baton and edged weapons defense.

  • For more information, see the course descriptions for Empty Hand Defense, Expandable Baton and Edged Weapons Defense on the training page.

Schools and Universities

  • We offer a scenario based College Prep Self Defense class tailored to students heading to college. The class focuses on a winning mindset, strategic thinking, development of power and the use of striking and kicking techniques.
  • For more information see the College Prep Self Defense course summary on the training page.



Businesses and Organizations

  • We offer a variety of organizations a one or two day seminar that focuses on recognizing and surviving a sudden, violent situation. We tailor the course specific to your environment and needs. 


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